The Mission:  

Optimize your business practically

effectively and economically

through global operations



SinoCanBiz is a consultancy division of Elenet International Ltd., founded in Edmonton, Canada in 1998. Its core business is to serve Canadian small and medium sized enterprises to develope businesses in global, especially to the area of Greater China Region (GCR, includes mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan) markets. 

SinoCanBiz’s professional resources are your valuable assets that guarantee professional services are acquired and predicable benefits returned. Its team members have profound knowledge and for years experiences for business management and market development. Its Board of Advisors (BOA) is a powerful resource. All BOA members are senior executives or renowned veterans from various industrial segments and multi level of governments around China. These unique privileges assist you to expand your business or establish new markets quickly and directly.  

SinoCanBiz has extensive business connections with various industries. It has been successfully serving numerous clients in broad fields such as agriculture, wood products, transportation, metallurgical, mechanical, chemical, electrical, power and energy, petroleum and natural gas, civil engineering and construction, corporate training/education. SinoCanBiz is also an experienced practitioner in High-Tech areas such as medicine, new materials, electronics products, telecommunication, network and e-commerce.

                                              SinoCanBiz, Your Right Choice!