Experiencing China

This is a unique learning and experiencing program for Canadian students visiting China during the summer vacation. The program is interweaved with knowledge and funs through class learning, playing, sightseeing, home-staying, and fabulous traveling that enable you to blend in 5000 years Chinese history and its modern life today.

The traveling is meticulously planned for visiting 6 cities as Beijing, Luoyang, Songshan, Xi’an, Suzhou and Shanghai, while browsing these famous historical sceneries, you will enjoy special flavor foods of the country from its north to south. It is a worth going trip which will give you rare experiences and leave you lifetime memories.

The fee covers all activities in China including local and intercity transportation, hotels, accommodation and meals, course fees, sightseeing and shows admissions. The total cost for one student is around $2700. International air tickets are not included. It can be booked by organizer as group-travel price. Organizer also provides services for applying tourism visas for all members (travelling insurance for this trip is recommended).

The travels are scheduled usualy in the summer season from July to August departing from Edmonton or Vancouver. Registration is accepted all year around online or by email. The payment can be made by credit card online or cheque payable to Elenet International Ltd. 

This program is organized by Elenet International Ltd. (www.sinocanbiz.com a Vancouver and Edmonton based consulting company) with its partners of Beijing International Chinese College   (http://www.hibicc.com/EN/index.asp  for English) and iuConnect (Beijing) nternational Culture Exchange Center.

Online Registration:


Online Payment (Master Card or Visa is accepted. Total payment is $2680.00):    

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* The fees, air ticket price and itineraries are subject to change without prior notice.


Contact Organizer:  Email: info@sinocanbiz.com  Phone: 780-628-6692 (for Alberta), 604-338-6687 (for British Columbia)

Step into China: Learning Chinese Language in Conversational Immersion

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A tailored program for Chinese students studying in Canada



对绝大多数出国留学的同学们而言,出国留学的想法是相似的。然而,我们每位同学,每个家庭的条件、要求、目标、以及所采用的方式和过程可能不尽相同。 因此,在实施留学计划时,同学和家长们不仅要了解出国留学的基本情况,认识到事物的一般性;更要结合自身的具体情况,认识到事物的特殊性,因而能够更有效地利用自身的资源和条件,制定出合理的出国留学计划,在最短的时间里达到既定的目标。