Service Areas

Our services focus on International Business Development Consulting.
Whether you are in a phase of starting a new market, or seeking tactics to rise your market shares, or trying to render existing operations to become more efficiency, or outsourcing supplies in globe...  We will assist you to accomplish the goals:

• Create public relations
• Optimize operation model
• Identify target market and client
• Organize trade show and promotion
• Establish sales and distribution channels
• Define and identify business opportunities
• On-going assessment and face to face consultation

Implementation Scenarios 

The implementation is on the basis of market-oriented, customer tailored and individually proceeded with One-Stop-Service approach that guarantees professional services obtained and predicable benefits rewarded:

• Market strategy assessment: Assess and analyze your current business operations, including your existing and potential customers, your competitors, products, technologies, financing status and management performances cross both home and overseas’ markets, building comprehensive strategies that enable your business growing smoothly in either existing or new markets.

• Marketing and sales/distribution plans: Determine your target market, deploy effective strategies, establish your sales/distribution channels, accelerate your sales growing quickly.

• Production and operation management: Review and analyze your day-to-day operations, optimize existing production and management methods/procedures, enable your routine business is operated effectively.

• Outsourcing: Solve the shortages of technologies, materials or human resources by means of practical and economic solutions for sustaining periodic or long-term supplies. Our coordination and logistics services assist you acquire the resources stable and effectively.

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