Global Partnership Platform

This platform, setting as a global business partnership operation, enterprises interflow and global strategy consultation resources, is dedicated to facilitate Canadian SMEs to blend into the global business environment for long-term business growth. It consists of three major programs:

1.     The 3W Session (Western Canada- Western China Workshop)

2.     The Trade Mission

3.     The Follow-up Services

Program 1: The Western Canada- Western China Workshop

This session, based on a geographic economic model, is proceeded with seminars, group discussions, individual consultations and global strategy assessments to the SMEs enterprises who are located in the Western Regions of Canada and China, in focus on the circumstance of foreign direct investment, joint venture, international marketing, outsourcing, and various models of business partnership in order to optimize enterprises’ business through global partnership operations.

Enterprises are invited to join the session, telling us your needs, your questions, sharing your experiences and networking with other participants. You will find it is an informative and knowledgeable event that helps you enter the global business environment in a quick cut way.

The session is also combined with the seminar of Your China Strategy . It helps you deep understand China’s politic, economic and culture environment, greatly broadens your thoughts, strengthens your skills and methods for doing business with China, the fastest growing and biggest market of the world.

Workshop locations: Vancouver, BC, Edmonton, Calgary, AB, and Regina, Saskatoon, SK.

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Below are some website links for more information about Western Region of China:

Sichuan Province:  
Shanxi Province:  
Yunnan Province:  
Guizhou Province:  
Guangxi Autonomous Region:  
Tibet Autonomous Region: ,  
Gansu Province:  
Qinghai Province:
Ningxia Autonomous Region:  
Xinjiang Autonomous Region:  

Program 2: Trade Mission

"Seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times" (a Chinese proverb).

Suppose you have attended the 3W session, you have been familiar with China’s economic environment, or have had a business plan on hands and ready to go ahead. Taking a business trip to see the country in your own eyes, to meet your potential partner in China, is a kind of "must-do" for implementing your global partnership program successfully.

We organize the members who join the 3W session, and invite enterprises who are interested in the business delegation to visit China. The trade mission is proceeded as:

Before Departure…

  • Individual discussion about your business circumstance, your specific needs. Analyze your domestic and global markets. Outline your potential target market, regions/locations, partnership models (e.g. FDI, J.V., WFOE, Merge, Acquisition, etc.) to or from China.
  • Full communication with Chinese partners, work out the detail project plan and visit agenda.
  • Group the delegations by business categories or industrial sectors.
  • Finalize the trip itinerary with the members individually.

In the Trip…

  • Face to face meet and on-site visit to business partners.
  • Meet with Chinese governments for broadening information and reinforcing relationship and supports.
  • Individual consultation for negotiation, documentation and agreement drafting.
  • Interpretation, translation, document and paper work services.
  • International and local traveling, transportation, hotel and accommodation services. 

This is a year-round program, and in respect to each individual project. The trade mission is executed usually by groups for the members who are in same or similar business section or industry. The trip to China takes around ten days to two weeks. The cost is applied based on travel period, locations, number of members and plus service charges. 

It’s pretty hard to get whole things done within one trip. The results are really very depend case by case. However this trade mission does help initiate your venture. Without this step, it's hard jump to the next.

Program 3: The Follow-up Services


Despite how successful the trade mission was made, your partnership is yet a long way to go. So, a dedicated follow-up

is always critical for escorting you reach the goal smoothly. We regard this as a core part in our comprehensive services.

It usually covers:
  • Detailed To-Do list covers every pending jobs.
  • Constant liaison with all partners to ensure information is up-dated.
  • Documentation, information and translation services.
  • One-Stop-Services for business approval, licenses registration, branch office set up in China.
  • On-going consultation for dealing with the laws, policies, co-operation conditions, partner relations, business plan and procedures, through the process from initiation to operation.
  • Communication, liaison and public relation services.
  • Local HR, finance, accounting and tax services.
  • Invitation and receiving Chinese partners visit Canada.

Insights, Methods and Actions Are The Key Factors that Ensure Your Business Success.